We are tough as bones




Supply 1500 = The OG Collection. These are the foundation of the Underverse. The Breeding and Marrowing processes all start with these Skeletonz. Additionally, Genesis Skeletonz will yield 15 $GBONEs/day.

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Supply 4250 + 250 Mutant Skellies = Cute Skellies are bred from two Genesis Skeletonz. Beware, 250 of them will have mutations. Skellies will not yield $GBONEs, but Mutant Skellies will yield 30 $GBONEs/day.

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Supply DAO Determined = A highly experimental process that involves using a Skelspawner and your favorite Genesis Skeleton to generate a totally new wild B-Marrowed Skeleton. You get to keep your Genesis Skeleton, and the B-Marrowed version will come with additional perks and GBONEs burning mechanics.

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Utility 01

Our ecosystem will be powered by the $GBONE ERC-20 token with planned burning mechanics and
DeFi applications.

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Utility 02

The future will be shaped by our community. Proposals will be submitted and implemented with your help.

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Utility 03

Get rewarded for holding
Genesis Skeletonz and Skellie Mutants by filling your
with $GBONEs.

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metaverse ready

Utility 04

All collections are fully rigged and ready to be playable characters in your metaverse journey.

Downloadable in .glb, .fbx and others

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Utility 05

This is a bloody tough process. Trust us, you don't want details. Two Genesis Skeletonz submit their DNA to the Underverse lab along with 900 $GBONEs of building material. Hold your breath and out comes a tiny iron coffin where the Skellie will be assembled. This generation will be capped at 4500 Skellies. Due to the experimental nature of the breeding process, 250 mutations ☢️ will occur. Breeders beware.

Like Genesis Skeletonz, each Skellie comes fully rigged and metaverse ready. Mutant Skellies have a 5.5% chance of occurring and will yield 30 $GBONEs/day.

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Utility 06

This is an advanced research project of the Skeletonz Gang. Due to the highly classified nature of this project, we will refer to it as Marrowing. A sophisticated single use device called a Skelspawner contains a randomly sequenced genome. Multiple sets of Skelspawners will be air dropped to Genesis Skeletonz holders on more than one occasion.

How does it work?

Simply supply $GBONEs, connect a Genesis Skeleton, and promise them a lollipop after it's over. Once initiated, a series of needles will begin extracting samples of marrow. These samples will be merged with the Genome inside of the spawner and it will begin construction.

Why would I do this to my Skeleton?

The process creates a new Marrowed Skeleton that will have access to different digital and physical perks based on the Genome that was used.
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Minting Begins

This is the first manifestation of the Skeletonz Gang. You can take part in minting the Genesis Skeletonz. Bonelisted members will have 4 hours to mint before we open up minting to the public. Remember there will only be 1500 Genesis Skeletonz ever, and you will need 2 to breed.

Community Treasury

We will be allocating 50% of the minting proceeds to our community treasury.

Asset Downloads

Once mint is complete and reveal has happened we will begin uploading the 3D assets for download. The available types are: .fbx, .glb, .glTF, and high resolution 2K .jpgs for PFP use.

...just the beginning of our journey!


kick-ass ecosystem
with breeding

$GBONE - Gang Bone token
All transactions in the ecosystem will be powered by ERC-20 token $GBONE. Breeding, and B-Marrowing can be bought for $GBONEs. Token release will happen after minting is done thus 15 ETH will be added into liquidity and locked. 10% of sales will be burned each time

Each Genesis Skeleton will produce 15 $GBONEs/day and Skellie mutants will produce 30 $GBONE/day

Two Genesis Skeletonz along with 900 $GBONEs will breed and as a result a Skellie will be born. The Skellies are supply capped at 4500 and 250 of them will be rare yield bearing Mutant Skellies.

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Once all 4500 Skellies have been bred we will be introducing Skelspawners that will be airdropped to every Genesis holder in waves. Skelspawners will take one Genensis Skeleton + 900 $GBONEs and it will create a brand new Marrowed Skeleton. This will unlock special perks based on the type of Genome inside of the Skelspawner.

Supply will be determined by the DAO.

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deeper into underverse

A top priority moving forward will be ensuring metaverse compatibility as new platforms emerge. We will also focus on forming partnerships and alliances with other projects and games to make sure we deliver you the best experiences with your Skeleton identity.

We are already in talks with partners to develop collectable merch including clothing, jewelry, 3D prints, and more. This unlocks more ways to value and use $GBONEs. We are also planning weekly metaverse events with industry leaders and artists. Did someone say live concert? We know some great people, and they’ll bring the party. Guaranteed.

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AR Filter


Check out our Skeletonz filter and have some fun with your friends. Be sure to post some of your whacky adventures as you become a real Skeleton.

Try on instagram

Skeletonz Co-founders

Even though each member is completely different, together we form one hell of a team. With a variety of disciplines ranging from software development, 3D design, art, and entrepreneurship, we are ready to deliver an amazing project. We have been working on various projects since 2018, and don’t intend to stop. Geographically, most of our bones come from central Europe.

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Marketing manager

A revolutionary mind since early childhood. After graduating from university early, he set his sights on building his own startup and bringing it from zero to hero. Traditionally, his experience is based in the clothing and jewelry industry, but now he has shifted focus into NFTs and building up the community. Legend has it that he owns a bottle of endless motivation.

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3D Artist

A truly twisted individual. He’s addicted to dope 3D graphics, working on a ton of projects, and he’s always creating extremely photorealistic shit. He turns these models into movies and games. His work is also his pleasure, so it’s safe to say, he’s living the dream.

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Blockchain expert

He’s the perfect example of someone who fell down the blockchain rabbit hole and has become absolutely obsessed. Lubo is a smart contract veteran, and has developed numerous NFT projects. His creativity, hacker skillz, and ability to experiment has earned him the right to be considered 1337.

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Animator, 3D Artist,
Graphic designer

A master illustrator and animator. Simply put, the man is a machine. Some of the wildest ideas come from Samo, that’s why we have to keep an eye on him. He’s the flame burning inside of the Skeletonz Gang and he’s lighting the way.

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Brand Manager,

A jack of all trades, master of a couple. He co-founded and is currently managing three e-commerce brands starting back in 2013. Justin comes from a background in software development and has worked in a wide range of industries from fashion all the way to defense. He holds a masters degree in computer science and also works as a developer. He also makes a little too many animated gifs.

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Digital Designer,

Daniel brings a lot of experience to the table. He cooperates with top brands and people in tech industry. The only thing greater than his attention to detail is his contacts list.

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3D Artist

The official Queen of Voxel art. She is the creator behind a ton of great projects and games. If you put her work next to the devil’s, he would be embarrassed. She is full of passion and intensely focused on the details and being precise. A little known fact, Coldplay even named an album after her.

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The community member

Without You, none of this would be possible. The community is what keeps us motivated and track to deliver great content. We absolutely love hanging out in the underverse, sharing silly conversations, and just having a good time. You are the ligaments that hold our bones together.

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frequently asked questions FAQ

We reward our members based on their contributions to the community. Early members especially. Not sure what you can contribute? It’s not too difficult to provide something meaningful.

Strike up a conversation with others on Twitter or our Discord server, show us what you’re interested in, or invite your friends. Are you an artist or a chef? Show us what you can do!

Mint Date for Bonelisted Members will be March 13, 2:30PM UTC.
Public Mint will start 4 hours later at 6:30PM UTC.

The project income generated from Mint will be distributed as follows:

50% Community Treasury
These funds will be used to purchase land in the metaverse of choice, marketing projects, web hosting, and other necessary operating costs. This will be a multisig wallet for security purposes.

40% Team Distributions
Behind the scenes the team has put in countless hours, nearly grinding their bones to dust. We will be distributing this amount to all of the founders and others along the way that have put in their fair share of work.

10% Tax Buffer
It would be irresponsible of us not to set aside some of these funds for tax purposes. This project will be on an extended timescale, so we want to make sure we're prepared to pay the tax man. We came to this amount based on our local rules and regulations.

Post Mint Secondary Sales
The secondary sale rate is set at 9% and will follow the same breakdown as minting income

Shortly after mint we will have the following formats available for download: FBX, GLB, glTF, and for those that would like to use these as profile pictures, we will have high resolution jpgs available as well.

Once phase 1 is complete and we decide which Metaverse to purchase land in, we will immediately focus on preparing your assets to be seamlessly integrated. From there we will expand into other popular Metaverse formats based on community demand.

You own your Skeleton Gangz Assets. Ownership is verified cryptographically on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of a NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This is proof of ownership and grants the following terms of use. Once the NFT leaves ownership, all Personal and Commercial use rights are revoked.

  • Ability to buy, sell, trade your NFT
  • Display your NFT on external media
  • Produce and sell merchandise
  • Usage in print
  • Duplicating and reselling your NFT as a newly minted NFT

With more than 179 traits in total that can generate 62,589,342,816 different combinations, we are confident that you will be able to receive a true one of a kind mint.